30 Jul 2010

29 Jul 2010

28 Jul 2010

Day 209- Nothing I can do about it

What can I say if I was going to have a tourist picture, it got to be this one, long live the apple and Steve its profet. BTW: The apple genius refuse to sell me his T-Shirt

27 Jul 2010

Day 208- That's wraps of the day

Today's workshop went so fast, first thing I see getting in the place is Joe McNally coming straight to me with a friendly "Hello I'm Joe" it felt like he was coming out of a video. Anyways, learned a lot, I wished it had last longer. Had a chance to shot, this one here called Blue (like the color I guess, or it sounded like that). One of my favorite pictures of the day, my favorite is totally out of focus, damn!

26 Jul 2010

DAY 207 - LA T-shirt's smuggler

US CUSTOM OFFICIAL: "so, Mr. ermm Whatever, you planning to sell these shirts in the United States???"
ME: "No, I just like red and clean stuff to wear."
US CUSTOM OFFICIAL: " Ah ok, welcome to Los Angeles!"

Day 207- Please allow one day

for your shoes to dry, before travel.

20 Jul 2010

201-I'm wating for you

The rain almost caught me, but it certainly caught stef, who keeps on his rebellion to take pictures.

200- Missing celebration

To keep the tradition, I missed a hundred picture on time, this time the 200.

14 Jul 2010

Day 195- Colaboration

Paco had an idea, let's make it work. Ups it worked already.

DAY 195 - Late Night Walk

8 Jul 2010

Day 189- Not a good to wash up.

Not clothes at least.

Day 188- Attention Deficit Disorder

I think I understand now why I'm so attracted to the clouds, and the reason is; I spent a considerable amount of time up there.

7 Jul 2010