31 Mar 2010

Day 90- Last Day of Works

DAY 90 - Animal Clone, and not talking about fucking Polly.

When I saw this I freaked out.
This is not a picture of mine, and Sharon sorry but I had to post it.
Well a friend from Spain sent me today this photo of a dog...that is fucking the same as Funky, dudes and dudettes, we are talking about a freaking clone!!!

I am amazed and emotional. And Funky too.

His name? Nerone.

30 Mar 2010

Day 89- For The lazyness

To leave our pictures

DAY 89 - Looking for something that left already

I feel so lucky that my computer camera saved me and still saves me for the negligency of not taking the  right day picture, mainly caused by my heavy lazyness.

28 Mar 2010

DAY 87 - Life in Colors

I just thought our living room needed some kick ass bright color...

DAY 86 - Pedro, a nice arse and Sharon the whore.

Lets just say than Dan's arse capture is worth for both.

Day 87- Self Breakfast

I can hardly remember the last time I went out for breakfast on my own. It was nice, but cold, and at the end my roomie passed by, so even though I had breakfast on my own, at the end I had some company at least for a few minutes.

I think the experience is somehow meditative, or insightful, selfthinking, good exercise try it one day.

Day 86- Wrapping up a bold day.

A few minutes late, damn sharon.

26 Mar 2010

Day 85- Tripping down the rabbit hole.

How deep, is deep enough? Would you think that alice when falling through the hole for an immeasurably amount of time she was stopped by the no cheat, reality of getting to the bottom of the hole? or she decided that it was enough? Human beings are really interesting, cause really when your downhill you're facing down, and keeping in the same trail will not only speed you up, but it will as well gradually decreasing your chances to stop and it will obviously take you to the bottom. So why is it that we like going through that trail? Let's face we all been in a situation that we know is dangerous, and that we know how it ends, but loads of times we cheat ourselves thinking that we can quit at anytime like smoking! or alcohol! or many things.

I heard the other day that risk is present and some risk should be taken, some should be avoided, and some can be lowered.

I believe that nothing is final, and that we can get up as soon as we accept we hit the bottom, or decide to stop falling, cause the longer you go down, the longer and harder will be to go back up.

DAY 85 - Self Indulgence

Day 84- Will stay blank

Last day will be the only day of this project, when I won't upload a
picture, not beacuse I didn't took it, not because I didn't care, not because I forgot, it will stay blank just to remember that last day was a hard day, when I found out about of something difficult to digest, something that as common as it is, you would like to think your family is spared of.

And anyway it will be harder for others.

I hope that today is deep enough for one of my loved ones.

Daniel Solorio

25 Mar 2010

DAY 84 - Lines and Shades

Everything, seen through a different side, could be interesting.

24 Mar 2010

Day 83- Bald Ride

DAY 83 - Gone

And all of a sudden, when you think you have got it, safe in your hands, that's gone, without you even realizing it.

23 Mar 2010

DAY 82 - Recomended Reading

¨Scar Tissue¨
by Anthony Kiedis

The Red Hot Chili Peppers's frontman autobiography.
Unlike many of you may think, it is stunningly written.

All about drugs. Lots of drugs.
All about sex. Lots of sex.
All about funk. Lots of funk.

Get out there and get it, you won´t regret it.

Day 82- After midnight

22 Mar 2010

Day 81- Before midnight

DAY 81 - A Funky Week

He's an handsome hairy bastard right?

21 Mar 2010

Day 80- sleeping with my ghost

Stef: "Funky lets go and have a walk, dude!"
Funky: "God damn it Stef, don't see I am sleeping, fool????"

Day 80- Casualty or Causality?

Some times, you don't need to force yourself on to making things happen, you just have to flow, and let yourself be who you are, and life can surprise you, or give you little wink, just to let you know that you're heading the right direction.

I hope I can surprise you, one of the days, with some good news about photography.

20 Mar 2010

DAY 79 - Muay Thai

Day 79- When your car let's you down… you may meet some interesting people

It can actually be a good thing, as most mechanics I met in my life, are such a characters, loads of stories to tell, loads of wisedom, and many times you even feel like they know more about you than yourself. Shit I just notice that I forgot to ask his name.

19 Mar 2010

Day 78- When your car let's you down Part 3

You wonder around, and end up looking at Mexican castles.

DAY 78 - The Resting King

16 Mar 2010

Day 75- Rule of Thirds

It was there before, is still there today, use it or brake it under discretion.

DAY 75 - Nothing is Unreachable

There are days in which even if you stretch your arm the most you can, you won't reach what you are after. In those days, just jump.

15 Mar 2010

Day 74- 100 Years and counting.

Good soul, good heart, and good health, as good as 100 years can allow.

Strange ways has life, as well as strange ways have this journey through picture making, specially when you have two people on the same journey, different stages-nationalities-point of view-age-cameras and many others as well as things in common, anyways what I'm trying to say is that some times we submit the same theme, or a picture really similar to the other, and some other days totally opposed themes like today.

DAY 74 - Smoking Kills ...

... and so do excessive fats in your food, alchool and insecure sex.

14 Mar 2010

Day 73- Making good use of our rooftop

One of the nice things of this aprtment, is the rooftop, with it's small chambers, and the sunset up here. we should throw a party up here. Everyones welcome. (I don't what the neighbors would think about this, anyway as far as I know they're not regular to the blog.

DAY 73 - Goodbyes

All good things come to an end.
Had an amazing couple of days with my family in a desert beach.
What a lovely feeling.
Now its time to say goodbye.

DAY 72 - When..

.. you are forced and can afford to pay 50 pesitos to witness things like this.

Day 72- Vision Upgraded

By the way, when distractions keep costing you $50. A doctor once told
me that the attention deficit disorder should disapear when you grow
up and start having responsabilities. Still waiting.

12 Mar 2010

Day 71- The Hat Week

Which I'm determined to close today with this picture. Promise this is the last time a hat is the subject on one of my pictures of this project.

DAY 71 - Hands Forward

11 Mar 2010

Day 70- The kind of…

Picture you shoot when you realize you haven't take the picture of the

Two worlds.

DAY 70 - It is all a matter of priorities

Happiness hides in little things.

DAY 69 - Late Agaves

10 Mar 2010

Day 69- Mexico-0 Crime-1

I really would prefer to share something different today with you. But this is pretty much what I saw this morning when getting in to my car and realize I've been robbed, and, they didn't took much really, the radio, the speakers, some iphone cables. What they did? they force in to the car, by putting a bar through the window, and making space for them to open it, it disturbs me that this cars can be open easily with a couple of toothpicks, and they did have to damage the door, which as you can reckon for the face of the stereo, is gonna be more expensive than the stereo itself.

But I'm not really angry with them, there's little we can do to improve this apart from not buying stuff that's been obviously stolen. I'm far more angry with the government because thanks to their lousy management of the financial crisis, many people loose their jobs far more than what would normally had happen for the crisis, and on top of that the greet us this new year with an increase on taxes, every authority in economics advise on advance that it was a wrong move, anyways, back to the point, I'm not sure the exact number, but the last year something like 20, 000 fathers that provide for their families (usually large here) lost their job, and I'm sure that the desperation after months and months of not finding a job and having kids to care for, can surely lead to desperate actions, so my angry goes to those who were suppose to be taking care of us.

8 Mar 2010

Day 67- mmm

DAY 67 - Hotel Room

6.45 am. Real de Catorce.
About to get on the road again, and thought the view from my hotel room would have been choice #1 for today.
Damned bell, it started at 6 fuckin' am, and the gallos, malditos sean todos.

7 Mar 2010

Day 66- It's impressive all you can do in a couple of days

How far you can get, how many things, how much you can eat, how good you can feel, etc. What a nice weekend.

DAY 66 - Another World

Real de Catorce, a surreal, lost dimension in our everyday's world.

6 Mar 2010

DAY 65 - Everyday's New Friends

Real de Catorce.
I love this town. Too!
Walking through the old town, a Family thing, through people making a living from anything they have got on hand, through hippies who decided this is the place they want to live their life in.
Through lovely kids running all along the dusty roads, ready to give you a smile at every occasion.
Oh damn, I love this town and this trip.
Trying to convince my Mum and Dad about the peyote being a very special thing everybody should try at least once in their life.
They dont seem very convinced so far, but i can push things up if I have to.
I am, honestly, tempted, to just run down to the desert and wait for the abuelito to find me.
I have got tequila at least, to keep me warm through the night.