26 Mar 2010

Day 85- Tripping down the rabbit hole.

How deep, is deep enough? Would you think that alice when falling through the hole for an immeasurably amount of time she was stopped by the no cheat, reality of getting to the bottom of the hole? or she decided that it was enough? Human beings are really interesting, cause really when your downhill you're facing down, and keeping in the same trail will not only speed you up, but it will as well gradually decreasing your chances to stop and it will obviously take you to the bottom. So why is it that we like going through that trail? Let's face we all been in a situation that we know is dangerous, and that we know how it ends, but loads of times we cheat ourselves thinking that we can quit at anytime like smoking! or alcohol! or many things.

I heard the other day that risk is present and some risk should be taken, some should be avoided, and some can be lowered.

I believe that nothing is final, and that we can get up as soon as we accept we hit the bottom, or decide to stop falling, cause the longer you go down, the longer and harder will be to go back up.

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