10 Mar 2010

Day 69- Mexico-0 Crime-1

I really would prefer to share something different today with you. But this is pretty much what I saw this morning when getting in to my car and realize I've been robbed, and, they didn't took much really, the radio, the speakers, some iphone cables. What they did? they force in to the car, by putting a bar through the window, and making space for them to open it, it disturbs me that this cars can be open easily with a couple of toothpicks, and they did have to damage the door, which as you can reckon for the face of the stereo, is gonna be more expensive than the stereo itself.

But I'm not really angry with them, there's little we can do to improve this apart from not buying stuff that's been obviously stolen. I'm far more angry with the government because thanks to their lousy management of the financial crisis, many people loose their jobs far more than what would normally had happen for the crisis, and on top of that the greet us this new year with an increase on taxes, every authority in economics advise on advance that it was a wrong move, anyways, back to the point, I'm not sure the exact number, but the last year something like 20, 000 fathers that provide for their families (usually large here) lost their job, and I'm sure that the desperation after months and months of not finding a job and having kids to care for, can surely lead to desperate actions, so my angry goes to those who were suppose to be taking care of us.


  1. By the way, the radio is so old that I usually leave the front panel of it, under the seat, they didn't even looked, and leave it behind.