28 Feb 2010

Day 59- Wrapping a Succsesful Photoshoot

A melody fills the ambient, i hum the tune on my head, Idiot the alarm
is what your liseting to! Get up 6:15am (Sunday morning I know) go
out, we got to make some great pics.
Had session this morning, finishing with some well deserved breakfast
and closing it with a picture. Leave the hat on!

DAY 59 - Hot Vaquero Style

27 Feb 2010

Day 58- The False Prophet

Everyone knows ( i think) that buying new photogear, won't make you any better, you obviously need some basic equipment, for some type of pictures, I believe that eacj picture has an specific arrange of things to happen, like a certain camera, with a certain lens, certain lighting, and some other stuff, but, it's also true that you can improve faster not having things and being creative on how you shoot to achieve a certain look with what you have. But sometimes it's nice to just flow and cheat yourself allowing you to buy something, this is the case of a background support, that I'm just trying out (I had a homemade one that it's drilled to my ceiling, but this one i can take anywhere. So try number 1 on white seamless.

how it was shot?
2 nikon sb-800 at 1/16 aim at 90 degrees camera left and right, flagged wth cardboard to not spill on front (there's some spill i know)
sb-600 camera right up and looking down with a grid, aim in front of the model to cast just some light on her face.

DAY 58 - Love I York New

25 Feb 2010

Day 56- Clockwork Orange

Not that he actually works, but at least for the project he may work.

DAY 56 - All About Cleaning

Today's Mood - Soundtrack Click Here

24 Feb 2010

Day 55- Time goes by

I was actually cute, what you think

DAY 55 - Untitled

23 Feb 2010

Day 54-Wide Space

It's nice when you look at something you think is nice and suddenly you realize that is actually the reflect of something greater, that happend to me today, when looking to a buidling washed with orange light, where that light was coming from? and if that was cool, ta da, look back and so this amazing sky, so i had to go running to a clear spot to the sunset (as clear as you can get where I was). I thought it was a good idea to make a panorama, sorry for the stitching if you look carefully there's some black blocks at the edges, but I had no intention to reinvent the rest of the scene.

By the way the format of the blog doesn't make justice to a panorama, click on the image for horizontal view.

P. S. How it was shot? 9 pictures taken, 3 going left to right-then up and 3 right to left- then up and 3 left to right. Some exposure adjustment in Aperture, Stitched later in photoshop via File/Automate/Photomerge/Automatic/crop/black background/flatten/Save As.

DAY 54 - Rendez Vous dans Le Space

22 Feb 2010

Day 53- Halves

You know, one of those days. Ahh

DAY 53 - Retarded

21 Feb 2010

DAY 52 - Angel

Day 52- What A Nice Sunday

They say that climbers a rare race that uses the rest days to get tired, but I have to tell you, this sunday i did wake up late, had breakfast with my girlfriend, watched some tv, went eating, had some coffee and then late in the afternoon had an scouting session for an upcoming photo shoot (more on that later, and maybe in my other blog onedayonefoto.blogspot.com ), and I really feel good today. I couldn't remember how good rest is for the body.

Back to photography, I think that photographers are, like most artists, "restless", always perceptive and aware of the environment, even when resting you're more perceptive, so our minds get on working, thinking ideas, so this morning when making breakfast I couldn't help myself but take some pictures, there was this something about the ordinary, the bright soft light of the morning coming through the kitchen windows and curtains. At the top, my picture of the day, on a post on my other blog some other photos, I'm sorry I forgot to take a photo of the finished meal, it just looked so tasty and I was so hungry that I forgot my creative self and jumped on it.

20 Feb 2010

Day 51-So what about peace?

DAY 51 - Holding Tight

I read somewhere I don't remember, that man can live forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air..but only one second without hope.

Keep yours alive.

19 Feb 2010

Day 50- What a minute means to you?

As this photo doesn't seem to describe the subject of this post (as a watch or something that represents time would do) you'll see the connection later on.

Last night I was thought a hard lesson on how much a minute of your time is worth, I forgot earlier to upload my picture (as usual) and my girlfriend, roomie, a friend and I went out for a drink, then I remember "the picture damn't" and as it was very unlikely that we would be back on time, I let it settle, then on the way back, for some circumstances all was indicating that I was gonna make it, get home, take out the iphone, pull the picture, edit, look at the time 11:59 ,curse, post to an email, send, 12am, curse, damn not again, for a couple of seconds i just missed uploading my picture on time which means "Sharon"(the pink piggy). The point is, this time a minute made a difference a huge one, a day difference. Many times have happend to me that the day seems to go, it's early i got wrapped on things and suddenly it's gone, you don't lose a day of your life, you loose 86, 400 minutes, you loose it a minute by minute, and you can just keep adding numbers on, and then your life suddenly unfolds behind you, not that I feel old now, is just that I don't want to be to prove my point.
Another experience this morning, I spare a minute to tie one of my laces, after all I thought i didn't have a minute, and as I was on my way downstairs to work I step on a poodle and the lace and off I go to the ground (curse again) felt so stupid, didn't get hurt, but it could go worst, "just for a minute".
And the image at the top of this post, I was again running down the stairs at midday, in my way back to work, passed this shadow, thought for a second it was late, and that what i just saw would have to wait for another time, at that moment it was going through my head this post about the minute so "it's justa minute right? and I'm already late" so I took a couple and made a picture: "Daniel in the run, chasing the minute".

DAY 50 - Si Solo Fuera una Perra...

4 - 1

Seems like someone does not care paying Sharon each time.

Day 49- shit, should it be raining?

17 Feb 2010

Day 48- Enlighten

DAY 48 - All about attitude

If you dont like, just paint it all.

16 Feb 2010

Day 47-A cowboy story

DAY 47 - Tonala' Rules

Got myself forced to take today's photo at home.
Got these 2 bamboo sticks, proudly made in Tonala', and always liked them.
Dont really know why, cause they are this kind of "traditional good for turists shitty pieces of wood", but lets say I've got used to them by now.
Plus at the end of the day, I am also a turist in this country, so thats probably another good reason.
Well, lets just say I kind of appreciated this point of view, kind of dramatic and kind of fancy arty dumb thing, reminds me of a somehow legacy, of which all we are part of.

15 Feb 2010

DAY 46 - Night Paths

The rain and fresh air carries you through the night fully lit.

Day 46-The sun will shine for us

The ones that wake up early shall be rewarded… or something like that states the old say, I haven't pay attention enough to these kind of days, but I'm sure that I get quite some things accomplished, as for skies goes, what can I say? I could just not choose to upload this picture, I woke up open the window and thought holy shit! (or something close in spanish).

Baby this picture is for you.

14 Feb 2010

Day-45 It just feels good

Can't help myself, my friend he may just be right, happiness is an easy thing to find, is just right there… in the rock. You go climbing there to "El Diente" and it just stays with you all week, you can feel it… every time you try to open a beer, every time you try to do anything with your fingers… what a feeling.

DAY 45 - Cream

Got back home 9 am from the party.
Could not sleep so I decided to look up here and saw Dan's photo, which I like very much, and agreed on the part saying the door has got an horrible creamy colour...well, would be better saying, the door had an horrible creamy colour.
To sleep I need to relax, and as I am most of the time thinking of something (not necessarily logic, just something), I thought painting out that creamy shit of the door could help me..and I love just to paint things around.
Have a great Sunday all, lovers and friends.

13 Feb 2010

Day 44- Selectively not to

Never done selective color before (or the same as the cheesy thing of leaving everything B&W a part from something specific in a picture) and generally, i wouldn't be up for it, but it just seemed obvious with this one, as the intention of the gridded flash was to selectively illuminate the top of the scarf and not much, so the falling light on the door reveals it's horrible cream color, so here we go, an attempt to selectively select.

DAY 44 - Fascination

I think its pretty clear by now that sky fascinates me.
Its visual, so close to what it could be a painting.
Free beauty of which we are witnesses and spectators everyday.

12 Feb 2010

Day 43- A Failure

If you were to aske me i could just say this shot is a total failure, a lame attempt for a product shot, I can even see it as counter productive, this speaks bad for yourself. Let me tell in advance, done in 2 min. (I should be getting ready to leave half an hour ago). I believe that it's honest to show the failures as well as the winners, so far until now, I've shot only things I'm confident shooting, available light, etc. the things that are already there, but the whole point of these is to improve, and shooting the same things i did before isn't gonna help as much as the ones I'm not good at, so here it goes, my task will be to improve this same shot some other day.

DAY 43 - Untitled

Well lets just say I am running short of time today..

DAY 42ish - Right, i should still upload a picture though..

My homie is always right.

Shit. I failed.

Am I getting taken away from distractions?
Dumb. I guess is what is happening...it's worth it though.
Sharon, there I come, bitch!

Closing the Gap

First I hope everything's ok, then I can't believe that suddenly, just like that, Stef has failed for the first time on the project, bad boy. 3-1 now.

10 Feb 2010

Day 41- A human eclipse

There's a thing about Square pictures that has nothing to be with
being square, the formal symetry of the format force you to be
creative on the composition.

DAY 41 - A Touch

I've always had an obligation to creation, above all.

Nick Cave

9 Feb 2010

DAY 40 - Someone says its gonna rain

Day 40- About the birds and the bees

I'm liable or responsible for being cheesy and take the picture of the flowers, but if a bee comes down and stands right in to your frame, you can't help yourself but take the picture, and well i may be responsible for uploading it to the blog, but again, i don't think this should be keep for myself, so I share it with you.

8 Feb 2010

7 Feb 2010

Day 38- Back to the origins

There's something special about starting over, a hard path no doubt,
but somehow you already now the way, so there's an special
motivitation to reach back to where you were, in order to reach the
new fields, make a new path, de decide the new direction, to feel
exiceted again and thrill to experiment. Probably is not as bad as I
thougt. The picture above is the path to el cuajo (rock climbing zone)
which is the massive wall that covers the background from side to side.

DAY 38 - Turquoise

They say that If a person gives you his time, he can give you no more precious gift.
So, feel lucky.

6 Feb 2010

Day-37 A different kind of night walk

Is believed that there's a hundred pictures around where you're standing, and is a good exercise pushing in the same location, the same frame to get something completely different, though is a good idea to go for a different kind of walk, after stressing on the same subject you arrived to the new place with fresh-for the first time open-eyes, is good to talk to strangers openly and honestly as well, as opposed to talk to the unanimate.

PS, don't forget to click on the picture for a big size view. And leave a comment.

DAY 37 - Of Shadows, Lights and Textures

Daniel Failed. Again.

$150.00 not bad.

Day 36- It wasn't because of me

The important thing is to keep pushing, don't relax to much.

5 Feb 2010

DAY 36 - Faith

When you have come to the edge of all light that you know and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknownFaith is knowing One of two things will happen: there will be something solid to stand on or You will be taught to fly.
Patrick Overton